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About Us

At Kevala® your service experience is our highest priority.

Thank you for choosing Kevala® as your supplier of exceptional nutritional formulas to promote and support optimal health.

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Kevala® is the consumer division of Karuna® Corporation, which has provided superior products to the medical profession since 1981. Kevala’s natural progesterone products and nutritional supplements are formulated and manufactured to the highest standards and continually tested to assure optimal purity, potency and freshness. Here are several reasons why we feel you should choose Kevala:

Commitment to Excellence

The company producing your Kevala® formulations is recognized as one of the leading providers of nutritional supplements to health care practitioners. We have earned and held the confidence of thousands of medical professionals for well over three decades, by constantly adhering to the highest standards – the same standards that assure the superiority of every Kevala® product you choose.

Best Value / Highest Quality

Bottom line: you will not find products of comparable quality and effectiveness at a more affordable price than what you pay for Kevala® formulations.

Always Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Every Kevala® product is manufactured here in the U.S.A. to current Good Manufacturing Practices and standards as specified by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. For the benefit of every Kevala® Customer, we simply do it the right way, all the time.

Enthusiastic Customer Testimonials

We consistently receive appreciative communications about the beneficial effects of our products from people just like you, and we feel they will help you decide where to place your trust. Visit our Testimonials here.

Superior Customer Service

Your experience is our highest priority, and you can count on us to provide attentive and cheerful professionalism as we service you.