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"Kevala goes above and beyond in their mission to help people by being in the forefront of health issues. Your efforts of excellence hopefully will (help) many lives!"

J.Z., Monsey, NY

"How nice someone cares! The Kevala progesterone is exceptional. I would (and have) recommended it to all who will listen. Within one week’s time, my hot flashes and night sweats abated. I am overjoyed and so-o-o relieved. Thanks for the follow-up. I am a loyal customer for sure now."

N. C., New York, N.Y

"I was one of the world’s biggest skeptics…but not any more, thanks to PhytoGest!!!! In less than a month of using the cream, I “deflated” and “decompressed.” My jeans fit again, I have regular cycles with NO CRAMPS, NO BREAST TENDERNESS and a regular sleeping pattern. I’ll be a user forever, so please don’t stop making this wonderful product!!!” FORMER PMS sufferer".

C. M., West Hollywood, CA

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