Dear Valued Kevala® Customer,

Thank you for choosing Kevala® as your supplier of exceptional nutritional formulas to promote and support optimal health. We take seriously the responsibility to provide you with exceptional products, and the quality and service you expect and deserve.

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We consistently receive positive reports about the beneficial effects of our products, and we would like to share some of these comments with potential Kevala® Customers.

Your comments and any personal information will not be used for any other purpose, and your contact information will always remain strictly confidential with Kevala®.

Our primary reason for presenting Customer testimonials is the nature of the Internet shopping experience. Too many health-conscious individuals are disappointed in their online search for reliable nutritional products. One way of addressing the concerns of online shoppers is providing honest feedback from Kevala® Customers. We invite your comments and your permission to post them on our website.

As you may already know, the company producing your Kevala® formulations has been one of the leading providers of natural medicines and supplements to physicians since 1981. We have earned and held the confidence of thousands of medical professionals by continually adhering to the highest standards – the same standards that assure the superiority of every Kevala® product you choose.

Will you take a few minutes to share your experience with Kevala® and our products? Please note that only your initials will appear in any utilization of your comments. You may e-mail your comments using our Contact Us page or you may fax your comments toll-free to 1-800-711-6740.

Remember, we will only use your initials, so please include them, and include your city, state and country information. We appreciate your choice of Kevala® products and will continue to provide you with the finest products of their kind available anywhere.

With best wishes for ongoing good health and good fortune,

Kevala Management and Staff


"Kevala goes above and beyond in their mission to help people by being in the forefront of health issues. Your efforts of excellence hopefully will (help) many lives!"

J.Z., Monsey, NY

"How nice someone cares! The Kevala progesterone is exceptional. I would (and have) recommended it to all who will listen. Within one week’s time, my hot flashes and night sweats abated. I am overjoyed and so-o-o relieved. Thanks for the follow-up. I am a loyal customer for sure now."

N. C., New York, N.Y

"I was one of the world’s biggest skeptics…but not any more, thanks to PhytoGest!!!! In less than a month of using the cream, I “deflated” and “decompressed.” My jeans fit again, I have regular cycles with NO CRAMPS, NO BREAST TENDERNESS and a regular sleeping pattern. I’ll be a user forever, so please don’t stop making this wonderful product!!!” FORMER PMS sufferer".

C. M., West Hollywood, CA

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